Sharing Similar Political Frames of References

Kenethlinsey   May 22, 2017   Comments Off on Sharing Similar Political Frames of References

Are you a refugee from the South who has come north in a desperate search for a place we can call home? I feel you – ever since President Trump took office I feel like the South has decided that I’m an unwanted resident. I feel like as if they look down on me for not supporting him which is how I found myself instead looking at apartments in Silver Spring. Maryland is further North than I had ever expected to live but if it means I can share my more liberal way of life with others like myself then I am willing to face the snow and cold that hit this state hard every year.

I hate the snow. I loathe the cold. I really would be happier without either of them but this is how uncomfortable I now feel back home in Georgia. Despite President Trump losing the popular vote by more than three million votes there are a surprising number of individuals who genuinely support him and his outlandish policies. I am genuinely concerned for myself; whenever I spoke out against his policy in the office I would be given the most scowling, black looks from some of my co-workers. I felt threatened.

That’s no way to live. Two weeks into his Presidency I made the decision to move as soon as I found a place. I’ve been lucky to find these apartments at the Ashford. Wonderful, inviting and most importantly; warm. It might be frigid up here but at least in my new home I can stay cozy and warm inside. While working with my new co-workers has been an awkward, slow exchange of ideals I already feel confident enough to express my mind outside of work. It’s lovely being able to share a similar political frame of reference.