I Found New Friends and a Way to Be Pain Free

Kenethlinsey   May 21, 2017   Comments Off on I Found New Friends and a Way to Be Pain Free

I saw a San Jose chiropractor about a year after I moved to San Jose. This happened thanks to all the great people I have met here who do not do things the old traditional way like most people do in the country town that I came from. I really like it here and I fit in well with the type of people who live here. I have learned a lot from people in this town who are smart and like to do things that make a lot of sense. I think I finally found the place that I can call home.

When I moved here, I had already been having back troubles for many years. I figured there was nothing I could do but to take over the counter medicine. Even that did not work well for me. You can’t pop pills all day long year after year and expect that it won’t affect you in some way. I even ended up in the hospital after I had a blood test that told me that some things were off. At the hospital, I learned that I had a bleeding ulcer because of the pain pills I had been taking for too long. That really scared me. I was told that I could no longer take any pain meds or I would bring the ulcers back. That meant that I had no choice but to feel pain every day and try to get through it with no help.

I soon learned that you can get some relief without having to put up with medications. The people I hang out with at work told me about chiroprators. We didn’t even have one in the small town I had been living. But they are all over the place here because they do such a good job and people here love them. I went to one immediately and now feel no pain at all.